What is FEA?

engineering component model on computer screen

What is FEA?

Since 2003, FEA-Solutions (UK) Ltd is your competent and experienced partner for FEA. But what is FEA?

FEA, or Finite Element Analysis, is an engineering analysis technique using the Finite Element Method (FEM). So, what is FEM?

For the stress analysis of a simple part, e.g. a rectangular plate, one single so-called Partial Differential Equation (PDE) can be used to describe the deformation at any location of this plate. For more a complex, real world part the PDE would be very complex, or, more likely, non existent. FEM virtually subdivides the complex part into smaller, simple parts called Finite Elements. Instead of having one very complex equation for one complex part, there are now many simple equations for many simply shaped Finite Elements. These simple equations are then mathematically “coupled” to re-assemble the Finite Elements back to represent the complex part. These “coupled” equations can then be conveniently solved by digital computers.

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