Types of Acoustic Analysis

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Types of Acoustic Analysis

There are different types of acoustic analysis, and these depend on what is required from the analysis:

  • Static Acoustics,
  • Harmonic Acoustics,
  • Modal Acoustics.

Harmonic Acoustics is used when loads are available, or results are required in the frequency domain. This is typically the case for analyses where the performance is based on parameters defined over a frequency range, e.g. for the design and positioning of speakers.

Modal Acoustics is used when natural frequencies and modes are required. This is typically required for the acoustics of a room, where the natural frequencies of the room and its volume should be away from the frequency of speech, for example.

If the structure needs to be pre-stressed, a static acoustic analysis is a pre-requisite before performing either a harmonic or modal acoustic analysis.

The most commonly used analysis type is a harmonic acoustic analysis.

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