We have experience based on several thousand FEA simulation models completed, each comprising of a number of load scenarios.

For many of these projects, tests were subsequently conducted. In all cases, the test results confirmed the accuracy of our analyses.

We always focus on the benefit for our clients and for many of our projects, this benefit is quantifiable, in terms of superior strength, longer life, less weight, reduced production cost or other measures.

Please find below a small selection of our projects. Kindly note that due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to show many of our most interesting work. Please call us to find out if we have experience in the type of analysis you require.

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  • Drop Test Simulation
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Fluid Flow (CFD)
  • Frequency Response
  • Hyperelastic Material
  • Impact and Crash
  • Linear Buckling
  • Linear Static Stress
  • Modal Analysis (Natural Frequencies)
  • Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis
  • Non-Linear Static Stress
  • Pipe Stress
  • projects
  • Random Vibration Analysis
  • Seismic (Response Spectrum Analysis)
  • Shock (Transient Stress)
  • Snap-Fit Analysis
  • Static Stress with Large Deformation
  • Static Stress with Non-Linear Contact
  • Static Stress with Non-Linear Material
  • Steady-State Heat Transfer
  • Transient Heat Transfer
  • Transient Stress