Criteria for Dynamic Analyses

criteria for dynamic analyses infographic

Criteria for Dynamic Analyses

Dynamic analyses, rather than static analyses, have to be performed if the load is not constant over time In the real world, most loads are variable, but nevertheless their effects are simulated by static analyses.

For the decision to be made as to whether a dynamic or static analysis will be performed on a model, the time over which the load on the model varies can dictate which form of analysis can be performed.

Even if a load is variable, a static analysis can be performed if the variation of the load is “slow enough”. This load variation time has to be seen relative to the dynamic response to the system. In other words, if the load application time (e.g. from zero to maximum) is considerably longer than the period of the first natural frequency of the structure, a static analysis is appropriate. If the load application time is close to equal or shorter than the time period of the first natural frequency, a dynamic analysis must be performed on the system in question.

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